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2.0 years ago by Coach Forster

FAQ & Summer Workout Information & Expectations Video

Who can attend Workouts?

Any Incoming Freshman, Rising Sophomore, Rising Junior, or Rising Senior to Northwood High School.

What do you need?

Please bring a ball, water bottle, and mask.  If possible also bring your prescreening Covid form from Planet High School.

Can you workout if you do not have a physical on file in Planet HS?

No, you will be asked to return home until this is completed.

Do you have to be registered in Planet HS to workout?

Yes, with your account and your parent account linked and all forms completed.\

What is the Planet HS site?

The link above to Planet HS will help you sign up, just click sign up. Planet HS is a site that Northwood HS Athletics is using to make the ticket to play paperwork and physical process streamlined.  Parent and student need to make an account and complete and sign all forms.

How do I get Coach Forster's Summer Emails?

Fill out the information in this google form.  

Will Social Distancing be enforced?

Yes, student athletes that choose not to respect social distancing will be sent home.  Cones will mark where players bags are to go and where they should be on the field.  The bleachers will not be used.

I still don't feel comfortable working out at Northwood because of COVID can I workout at home?

Yes, see the team files tab for our daily workouts.

Please email Coach Forster if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about workouts.

Summer Workout Video

Summer workout Plan Document 1 Word in team files

Summer Workout Plan Document 2 PDF can be found in team files